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TINKALINK Create Healing Bracelet Personalised create your own

Personalised Crystal Healing Bracelets

Our Create Your Own bracelet service inspires you or a love one to keep your personal positive thoughts close to you everyday.

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you name it, we’ll create it

Being handmade to order by our in house team of skilled craftspeople, means you name it, we’ll create it.

Maybe it’s a person or a pet, a special date, a memory, a mantra or something else that is personal to you, a friend or a loved one. We are all unique and that is our power!

on hand to help

If you can’t find or create what you are looking for we are on hand to help.

Simply contact us, we love helping our customers out with their requests and designs.

Perfectly Packaged

As well as coming perfectly packaged with an explanation of the crystals, if you are sending it to a loved one we can also add in a handwritten not from you. Just let us know at checkout. x

Personalise Your Phone

For a phone that’s totally personal to you, why not create your own with our popular create your own case service.

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Express yourself

Simply choose a background skin and protective case and then choose charms and letters to go under your protective case.

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Protect and Decorate for a phone case with a million possibilities.

TINKALINK iPhone Cases Talisman Charms Gold Silver
TINKALINK iphone 11 case byron bay pink skin hand of fatima gold

Above all make it yours.

TINKALINK iPhone Charger stickers

Personalised Charger Skins

Stop those charger thieves with our unique charger stickers!  From now on you can always identify your own iPhone charger with our unique design. You can make it even more personal when you add letters and charms.

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Designs that get to the point!

And designs to make you smile.

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