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Handmade in London, our crystal healing bracelets are a stylish way to bring you balance and harmony. Each bracelet is constructed of carefully selected crystals which hold unique, restorative properties. Choose from our Emoji or Totem collection or explore our ‘Memo to me’ bracelets that combine letters and positive mantras to remind you of what is important.

amazonite properties:
Self-love, confidence, integrity, trust and clarity
amethyst properties:
Calmness, positivity, balance and relieves stress
aventurine properties:
Prosperity, good fortune, success, opportunity, abundance
citrine properties:
Self confidence, energy, creativity and a joy for life
clear quartz properties:
Harmony, energy, healing, clarity and calmness
fluorite properties:
Positivity, balance, learning & expansion, self confidence
lapis lazuli properties:
Creativity, harmony, intuition, sharpens the mind
rose quartz properties:
Self Love, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness