Shop memo to me crystal healing bracelets

Our ‘memo to me’ collection combines powerful crystals with positive mantras, embodying a belief that one small positive thought can change your whole day.   Handmade in London,  with carefully selected crystals, they’re a stylish way to bring you balance and harmony.  Beautifully packaged, they are a perfect gift to you or a loved one.

amazonite properties:
Self-love, confidence, integrity, trust and clarity
amethyst properties:
Calmness, positivity, balance and relieves stress
aventurine properties:
Prosperity, good fortune, success, opportunity, abundance
citrine properties:
Self confidence, energy, creativity and a joy for life
clear quartz properties:
Harmony, energy, healing, clarity and calmness
fluorite properties:
Positivity, balance, learning & expansion, self confidence
lapis lazuli properties:
Creativity, harmony, intuition, sharpens the mind
rose quartz properties:
Self Love, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness
garnet properties:
passion, energy, inspiration
aquamarine properties:
courage, inner strength, peace
blue lace agate properties:
protection, optimism, positive thinking, joy
moonstone properties:
nurturing, stabilising, new beginnings
carnelian properties:
energising, creativity, harmony, happiness, self-esteem
peridot properties:
healing, renewal, growth, compassion
tourmaline properties:
happiness, balance, positive, transformation
turquoise properties:
communication, balance, calmness