The Petite Positivity Project

Our customers often share the personal positive thoughts they would like to see come true in the world, and we felt so inspired that we have decided to kickstart our own little positivity movement. Welcome to the Petite Positivity project!
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  • We believe that seemingly modest acts, when added together, can have a transformative impact on our day to day lives.

  • Positivity Story #1 No.1 - Selfless

  • Wow, we just love this story. Such a small act of selflessness which was rewarded in such a huge way! Have you done anything out of your comfort zone to help someone else out recently?

  • Positivity Story #2 - Considerate

  • That is true friendship... The simple gesture of making your fav drink in your fav mug!

  • Positivity Story #3 - Compassion

  • We love hearing stories about the kindness of strangers which can really save someone’s day.

  • Positivity Story #4 - Reassurance

  • Sometimes those closest to you know exactly what you need when you don’t even know it yourself. Being comforted by foods that evoke memories is something we can all relate to I’m sure!

  • Positivity Story #5 - Thoughtful

  • Aww, we too believe in the power of the humble biscuit! It is often the small things in life which can hold the biggest impact. What is the most thoughtful snack someone has ever given you?

  • Positivity Story #6 - Thoughtful

  • Doesn't this story just make you smile? We think it perfectly encapsulates how such a tiny act of braveness can really transform your whole day!

  • Positivity Story #7 - Kind

  • Sometimes the most unexpected acts of kindness are the ones that have the greatest impact on someone’s day.

  • Positivity Story #8 - Caring

  • There really is nothing better than a home cooked meal made lovingly by someone special to you. What is your favourite meal and is there someone who cooks it better than anyone else?

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