Orb Smiley Face Clear Quartz - The Power Rock - phone wristlet


Made by hand, with clear orb crystal healing stones, yellow spacer beads and combined with large smiley face.  Clear orb quartz crystals have a smooth rounded finish.  Known as the power rock, clear quartz amplifies any energy or intention whilst also drawing off negative energy and protecting you from background radiation.

Clear Quartz: 'The Power Rock' - Known as the stone of power, Clear Quartz amplifies any energy or intention

Harmony, energy, healing, clarity and calmness
Beautiful packaging as standard with every order. Each TINKALINK pouch comes with an explanation of the crystals and a 'lucky dip' affirmation card.
Our phone wristlets measure approximately between 6' and 7' inches.
The Perfect Gift
Next day delivery available

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