Lapis Lazuli & Turquoise For Wisdom and Wellbeing


These two blue crystals work harmoniously to liberate you from negative thoughts patterns. They improve your confidence. Combined Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli create a powerful energy stream of inner peace, protection, and willpower.

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Lapis Lazili: 'The Wise Rock' - Lapis Lazuli crystals encourage self-awareness, self-expression and creativity, as well as inspiring confidence. Lapis Lazuli emboldens you to confront reality and speak the truth.

Turquoise'The Wellbeing Rock' - With their cooling properties Turquoise Crystals help to dispel negative energy, control anxiety or prevent panic attacks and help you to access your inner wisdom and speak the truth.

Creativity, Harmony, Intuition, Sharpen the Mind, Communication, Balance, Calmness
Beautiful packaging as standard with every order. Each TINKALINK pouch comes with an explanation of the crystals and a 'lucky dip' affirmation card.
Standard approximately 6.5" / 7". If you require a larger size simply select medium/large above. To make your own bracelet go to create your bracelet
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