Carnelian & Citrine For Motivation and Happiness


With their energetic qualities this combination will stimulate your creativity, strengthen your willpower, prosperity, and shining vitality. These vibrant crystals are here to make you feel motivated and full of life.


Carnelian'The Motivating Rock' - With their energetic qualities, Carnelian crystals are here to restore your vitality and motivation and stimulate your creativity.  They will perk you up and electrify your mind with ideas and ambitions and reinvigorate your joy for life.

Citrine: 'The Happy Rock' - Emotionally balancing, citrine stones raise self-esteem and self-confidence while also helping to combat fears and phobias.

Energising, Creativity, Harmony, Happiness, Self-esteem, Confidence and a Joy For Life
Beautiful packaging as standard with every order. Each TINKALINK pouch comes with an explanation of the crystals and a 'lucky dip' affirmation card.
Standard approximately 6.5" / 7". If you require a larger size simply select medium/large above. To make your own bracelet go to create your bracelet
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