Smile, breathe, believe Citrine, clear quartz and aventurine crystal stack


Citrine, clear quartz and aventurine.  A stack to enhance motivation, draw off negative energy and help you to take everything in your stride.




Citrine: 'The Happy Rock' - Emotionally balancing, citrine stones raise self-esteem and self-confidence while also helping to combat fears and phobias.

Clear Quartz: 'The Power Rock' - Known as the stone of power, Clear Quartz amplifies any energy or intention

Aventurine: 'The Lucky Rock' - Aventurine is the crystal of good luck and particularly appropriate for those seeking abundance and good food fortuen, while also encouraging you to take everything in your stride

Citrine: Self confidence, energy, creativity and a joy for life Clear quartz: Harmony, energy, healing, clarity and calmness Aventurine: Prosperity, good fortune, success, opportunity, abundance

Our crystal healing bracelets are hand made in the UK and designed for everyday use, please treat them with love and care - Read our bracelet faq's

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