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Aventurine healing bracelet

♥ brings good luck ♥ creates optimism ♥  embraces change

♥ enhances creativity & imagination

♥ manifests prosperity, wealth & career success

Aventurine crystal healing bracelets radiate feelings of hope and joy. This is a crystal of optimism with a zest for life.  Known as the “Lucky Talisman”, it encourages confidence in new situations, such as changes at work, school, home and relationships.

Wearing an Aventurine healing bracelet will encourage you to take everything in your stride. This is stone of good luck and particularly appropriate for those seeking to a greater accumulate wealth.

Zodiac: Aries, Leo


All our bracelets measure approximately 6.5".
If you require a smaller or larger size, please go to

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Care of bracelets

Our crystal healing bracelets are designed for everyday use but please follow our tips to prolong their life x

Roll your bracelets on and off rather than stretching

Please be aware that the gold letters are prone to fading if worn in water and perfumes can effect the lustre of the crystals