September Birthstone Lapis Lazuli & Pearl Crystal Bracelet


Birthstones are little reminders that remind us of the unique moment each of us arrived in this world.  With their honest properties, Lapis Lazuli crystals are here to help you find wisdom in your past, peace in your present and vision in your future.

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Lapis Lazili: 'The Wise Rock' - Lapis Lazuli crystals encourage self-awareness, self-expression and creativity, as well as inspiring confidence. Lapis Lazuli emboldens you to confront reality and speak the truth.

September Birthstone
Creativity, Harmony, Intuition, Sharpens the Mind

Our crystal healing bracelets are hand made in the UK and designed for everyday use, please treat them with love and care - Read our bracelet faq's

Beautiful packaging as standard with every order. Each TINKALINK pouch comes with an explanation of the crystals and a 'lucky dip' affirmation card.
This bracelet is approximately 6.5" / 7".
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