Stay Positive
be free

Introducing our clear quartz crystal multifunctional glasses chains Designed and handmade in our London studio

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Your vibe
attracts your tribe

Our crystal glasses chains work with all colours and styles of eyewear, all year round

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A chain
for every frame

Our chain comes with black & clear sets of loops to complement your frames and can be worn as glasses chains or unclipped to be worn as a necklace

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Hearing you loud and crystal clear

Specially designed to keep your AirPods secure and safe

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I Can See clearly now

Wearing Clear Quartz draws off negative energy, while protecting yourself from background radiation.

Known as the stone of power, Clear Quartz amplifies any energy or intention.

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Hooked on you

Our clear quartz chains are a chic way to keep your face mask within reach. Easy to take on and off, it clips to the ear loops on your mask.

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