Customer Stories

Everyday our customers share their inspirational stories behind their bracelets.  The words they choose, paired with the crystals, all hold a personal and special meaning. These are some of the highlights our customers have chosen to share.  You can create your own bracelet or discover our edits in the menu. Above all wear your positivity.

  • “The word BREATHE is a reminder that everything will turn out how it’s supposed to, a sentiment that feels important to me, especially in times when I need an extra boost. Combine this with the Aventurine crystal which encourages success, opportunity, and abundance and I have made a really special bracelet.”

    - Millie -

  • “Citrine, The Happy Rock, really resonates with me right now, how we are forever learning to balance and believe in ourselves. Combined with the word ‘Authentic’ in gold on my wrist, my bracelet really inspires me to trust in timing, fate, karma and above all, myself.”

    - Eliza -

  • “Being able to wear a piece of jewellery with the word Sober on it is so important to me as being in recovery has transformed my life and I am very grateful for it. Amethyst is my favourite crystal as it represents serenity and peace of mind, and will keep me grounded.”

    - Corinna -

  • “I love wearing the phrase ‘We Move’ on my wrist as a reminder that when things are hard, to not get caught up in the past but instead keep moving forward and live in the present moment. The Amazonite rock also helps me to channel self-love and confident energy every day!”

    - Grace -

  • “Wearing the word Unique on her sleeve will encourage my sister to stay true to herself and her ideas just as she is about to enter the world of design. Gifting her a bracelet in Aventurine, The Lucky Rock is the perfect way for me to send good fortune, success and opportunity her way as her career begins to take off!”

    - Georgia -

  • “My mum is forever putting others before herself, I hope her Happiness Amazonite bracelet will encourage her to show herself the love she so readily gives away and act as a reminder to stop and smell the roses every once in a while!”

    - Rosie -

  • “I love wearing my 11:11 bracelet on my wrist to keep me feeling lucky all day every day!”

    - Katie -

  • “You Got This is just the perfect message to send off one of my amazing friends on her first marathon! The Fluorite crystals and the message will encourage her to stay strong and powerful as she is going through the miles.”

    - Anna -

  • “I wear my Lucky Citrine bracelet to bring sunshine and positivity into my daily life, to remind me of all the things that are working out for me and everything I have to be thankful for.”

    - Grace -

  • “My partner has just given birth to our second child, so I wanted to gift her a piece of jewellery she could wear everyday with our children's initials, as a way of always keeping them close. Rose Quartz, the crystal of love, is the perfect way to radiate the unconditional love we have for them, for her and our family”

    - Christina -

  • “My mum works so hard and never lets anything get her down, despite everything she has to deal with. Designing a bracelet for her with the phrase ‘Keep Swimming’, in her favourite Amethyst crystals will encourage her to stay calm, keep pushing through, and alleviate some of her daily stress.”

    - Daisy -

  • “Wearing the word ‘Persist’ on my wrist means that when things start to feel difficult or overwhelming, and I am tempted to go back to my bad habit of nail biting, the phrase will come directly into my eyeline and reassure me that I can get past it. The peaceful, soothing qualities of amethyst will further relax me and restore my confidence.”

    - Alice -

  • “The Happy Citrine Crystal and the word Love make the best pairing as a way for me to constantly surround myself with loving and positive vibes”

    - Lilly -

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